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Ads that design automatically

Create beautiful social media posts and banner ads in seconds


Compelling advertising made simple

Advocado is a banner creation tool that lets you generate dozens of social media and marketing ads in seconds.



Key Features


Creating ads used to be a cumbersome process that required constant help from a designer. Not anymore!


A/B test your campaigns

Our tool lets you easily A/B test different ad formats and configurations. This way you can make changes to your ads based on performance, and evolve your campaigns as your business grows.



Ad Metrics

Advocado learns from your experience and performance data from other users, so it can tell you what call-to-action drives more clicks, or what layout generates the most engagement.



Advocado has a gallery with millions of creative commons images and icons that you can add to your designs with a couple clicks.


Export in all formats

Our automated process allows you to test hundreds of different designs, and export your banner in all the formats for Google Display Network, Facebook Ads, and other social networks.


How it works


Learn how Advocado can save you hours of work with its simplified and automated process.


1. Create

It's simple as adding your copy, image and call-to-action.

2. Design

Choose one of our styles to make your banner look amazing.

3. Export

Export your ad instantly to any predefined format you need.